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Nasc ID:  N6230


High Resolution Image

High resolution image of this Arabidopsis plant


strong allele; homeotic conversion of sepals, organ types vary from no leafy to lateral organs missing or filamentous with axial organs being sepal-carpels; many secondary or tertiary flowers are formed in the axils of transformed sepals; second whorl develops into stamens, stamen-petals or filaments; in the third whorl, organs in lateral positions are consistently missing, and numbers of axial organs are reduced, or may also form stamen- carpel organs; occasionally the carpels (fourth whorl) may remain unfused or be replaced by a number of stamens; reduced fertility with stamens shedding little pollen, and ovules appearing to degenerate; phenotype varies acropetally, with more complete flower-to-inflorescence conversions in basal flowers and at low temperature.